JamesHardy Attorney Connecticut
James Hardy Attorney Connecticut

James Hardy Attorney Connecticut Gains Accolades from Top Legal Resource Sites  

James Hardy Attorney Connecticut Gains Accolades from Top Legal Resource Sites  

James Hardy Attorney Connecticut has gotten recognition by leading legal review websites. Most notably, he was given the Platinum Martindale-Hubbell Client Champion award for 2020 which is displayed on his Lawyers.com page. In addition, he has a 100 percent recommendation in terms of client reviews on the same site.

James Hardy Attorney Connecticut Recognition on Avvo

On top of this, James Hardy Attorney Connecticut received 5 stars from nearly all of the clients who placed reviews on Avvo.com. He was recommended for the Client’s Choice award on this website. He also has a nearly perfect score for reviews from peers. These accolades show that James Hardy Attorney Connecticut has been committed to his clients all along and does all that he can to assist them in frustrating and difficult matters with care and compassion.

Just a few of the areas in which James Hardy Attorney Connecticut works to bring justice to his clients are divorce, family, and personal injury law. Recently, he chose to broaden his practice areas to include services for individuals who are accused of white-collar crime. Another service that he has added to the Hardy Law Group is for alternative dispute resolution. This provides an overall balance to the firm’s services as it allows clients to choose another way to handle their legal cases that does not require them to have to go through lengthy and expensive court proceedings. In cases which are more cut-and-dry and the parties agree on most terms or just want to settle, this really is a better option for everyone involved.

James Hardy Attorney Connecticut Background

It’s clear that James Hardy Attorney Connecticut has a varied and strong background not only in law but in other leadership roles with his time spent serving in the military and educational background in finance. He has developed integrity and a sense of passion for helping every one of his clients. James Hardy Attorney Connecticut now hopes to give back with plans to mentor people who recently graduated from law school. Mentorship from someone who has such support and recognition in the community is sure to ease these new lawyers into their roles. Attorney Hardy had the guidance of numerous lawyers and other professionals along the way so he sees the value in this next step in his career.

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